Cancer and Me: The start?

Given I've got time on my hands I'd thought I'd finally try and get this down in writing before I forget.

The story possibly goes back to 2007, although I have no idea if these incidents are really linked, it is possible it has been going on since then.

Late 2007

A couple of times I experienced a pain down bellow. It occurred oddly only at the weekend and was eased by staying lying down. By Monday morning it was clear after drinking plenty of water.

On the third occurrence of it (and while I was still in some pain) I went to the doctors. After a few questions they thought it might be a water works infection or a kidney stone. He took some bloods from me and asked me to drop them off at the hospital for testing (I work there so it easy...) and booked me for an ultrasound.

On the day of the ultrasound I went it, thinking I'm sure the appointment starts before Radiology is open. I turn up and the doors locked, radiology is in darkness and shutters down on reception. I sat down on a bench and waited. Eventually got bored and wondered up and down the corridor. I saw a staff member walk in. Walked back up and noticed lights where still off. Eventually I rang switchboard and asked to be put through, they warned that staff don't start for another 30min, but they would try. No one answered. So I waited.

Eventually a staff member came out and claimed I was late. Now ok I should have tried the door again, but you should also make it clear that you have to go past the dark corridor, past the shut reception and somehow wonder round to the right place. She wasn't having any of it and said I missed my appointment, It would go down as a none attendance and I would have to wait for a new appointment. A minute later she must have realised how the misunderstanding came about and I got my scan.

Both came out clear, but as it hadn't reoccurred I never chased it up. Things just carried on as normal.

Its Back

Its looking increasing likely that I have cancer again. I was always told I was at high risk of it returning, but the risk had been decreasing every month. Unfortunately a couple of blood tests look bad and I've got a CT scan to goto next week to figure out if anything shows up and where.

The odd thing is that just before the phone call informing me to come in for a blood test I had woken up from a dream where I had lost me hair again. And even though I couldn't hear what was been said or who was on the phone I knew something was up. Admittedly I thought someone else in the family had died (Since September I have lost both Grandam's and an uncle). Its seems to be just as things start to get back to normal - bamm something else.

At present I'm not sure what to do. I'm thinking of caring on working, but possibly taking some A/L for the odd pub trip during the working week. To be honest I'm in a bit of a daze at present. Was going to go swimming today, but just ended up working from home. Did have a short and slow walk in the snow however.
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Not Moving

I'm keeping my Livejournal blog for now, but I have resurrected my wordpress techy blog. Mainly as a dev ground for another wordpress based website I run. I'll update the wordpress one with various computer related gubins I'm upto.


It'll also become my home page when I get around to it

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